Examples for Year 2009, Month 01

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Love and roses“Opus est attendere”Smiling sailor...I'm ready for my close-upClassic poseI can't believe you just said thatLook upHouse wineHat, and friendWatch meHappy shoppingMother and childCouple of cutiesSolemn face“Z”Bullish sailboatSimple amidst the complexEarnest faceGrinning downRapunzelLove me, love my pillowSo I didn't shave this morning.Want a cookie?Three-star countryFunky folkTrippy flagWelcome to Ski CitySki trip!Smiling downI am on your treeNice viewCrazy hair guyFather and son/daughter store“Jump out of this center”Smouldering by moonlightEthereal being on my backFootprint tattooMusical note with wings and a halo“Luigi e Tina”Crocodile tattooEye to eyeShamrock flagWhite dove flag“Jason”The Atomic StatesSitting in my heartSmiling in '09“Crew 28”Celtic cross tattooHeaded towards '09Love me, love my hatWelcome to the bunny planetMonster tattoo“Friendship forever”A rather definite kissSquid and boxyTeddy kissKissing on a bench“Family ornament”“King of New York Hacks”“Change on 09”Dragon spine, wing shoulderTwisted dragons around pole“My Love!”“If YOU don't talk to your CAT”The eagle soars in 2009Mrs. SantasHeart flagFeather and skull tattooSun cutieSea view ornament“Will you marry me?”Symmetric smiling.“Year of the Gentleman”Elf heartWar flag“Eye eye”“You and me”“Serious wedding”“Me times four”“The next generation”“Salto”“Manga heart”“Back biting”“Happy family”“Be exceptional.”“The eyes have it”“On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me”“Princess of India”“Eternal love”Family crest tattooHeart hugMonocle and cookie“Theyre back!”“My love for you is like a flame”Turtle tattooMr. Heart ManKissing doves“peace be with you”Sun mustache eclipseSmile for the ornament!Angel heartButterfly blossomFish wave attack!The family“Babydoll”Smiling in my heartEarnest ornamentThe happy joker.The world is mine“Ur My Best Friend”You're in my heartBoy in the sunStriped shirt guy“Girl on a boat”“I love you!!”“Don't tread on me”“Happy Yule from the Friday Follies”“Come home soon”Me and youOn the lawnNice wheelsLove me, lovemy glasses“The Family”Photo montage heartRocking backCute in '09Man in my heartSmall wings“I love you”“United for life”“I has a thesis!”“Who ever told you perfection is an illusion?”“Happy Birthday”The United States of Fabulous“Friends forever”“Now Showing”Dotted face man loves his belovedI have hair!“Play guitar”You hold a rose“Fernanda e Fabricio”Getting together in '09“Ti Amo Tanto!”“Live to inspire”“Love Him”“Lafferty, Ireland”Golden-haired couple“Inquinateci Tutti”“Every End is a New Beginning”Pretty in Purple“Amour Forever”Gracious flower tattoo“Be My Valentine”“Cherish the Moment”“Happy 2009”“Smiley :)”“Happy New Year 2009”