Examples for Year 2008, Month 05

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“All the best - to my sweet sister”Excellence in Construction AwardClassic portrait and name, with <3 heart symbol.“Even celebrities stargaze in NYC”“Dad-dad / day-day? loves kiira 4lyfe, 2008”“Da Irish Princess Rocks!”“This is Davey C, the coolest guy around, and he's all mine, so handz off!”A heart filled with words.I've no idea what this is about, but it is cute.A compliment flown on a flag.A picture of a little family.Picture/text on a billboard, following a marketing style.A pair of pictures on a billboard.Text plus picture on a billboard.Good wishes for a trip to Las Vegas, by the looks of it.A sepia-tinted picture of a couple, with the words “cherie, je t'aime” (darling, I love you).