Examples for Year 2008, Month 08

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“I love you you're my life”A big dinnerThe two sides of a man and his wineGirl and blue monster“hiyori senda”“Chavez Recordz”A woman, a man, and a pair of sunglassesDance team tattoo“Maria”“The next president”Mythic creature“Australia: The *** end of the Earth”Comet flagInclusive flag“The Perfect Address”“Toronto Maple Leafs Rule”Red collar love“Fumihito Takei L-niyan Shop”A lady and a watermelon“The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey”Woman on a book cover“L O V E”Half-open heartRed, blue, white“Sevgili okuz seni seviyorum”“This just in... True Love Exists!”“Attimo. Soon... The revolutionary band will blow you up!!!”Smile!Tea-drinking tattoo“Hab dich lieb Mummy”“My Love.....”“Polo club”“All stars”A man, a woman, and a flag.“Chateau HongKongPfui”The sky“Revo lution”Manga gang flag“Upside down Joe”A man and his noseDogs, lots of dogsPuzzle piece tattoo“Dollar flag”“King of Pachinko”“HappyBean's rerax and entertainment”Women and wine“Kely/Lie”“We will drink no wine before its time”“Volleyball Players Server With A Smile”“Suplemento Cultural”“We are united!”“Joaquin café livros ...”“Rock Girls”“Fiz”Tattoo buttonThree women and a flagFriend starTwo kids and a soda“O mais Lindo! do Pai e da Mae”“Iron Maiden”“Kerosene”“Volte me, zelena pro Kyjovice”Baby book“Photobook (Title to be determined)”Fuji flagShield tattoo“Work on Cruise Ships”“Rogerio Jr, One Night Only”One man and his class“The Hazard BAND”“United nations, blue helmets”“be still”I love my dogsTwo bottles, two dogs“Megan, Miranda, Morgan”Exit man kicks ballMan on a boat“come to the dark side... ...we have cookies!”“HI!”Planet Earth flag“The 5 elements of business”“Team Canada”Dx candle logoChild on the front of a book“King of the Ring”“Royal Rumble”A face on a candle“Me llamo Macarena”“Wish U Happy Forever!”Vaguely military female manga character flag“Brazilian Heavy Metal”“Charhell”“Lorenzo in concerto”“I can live without any friends, any family, and any money...”swirling eye flag“Daily Shopping Network”Mixed messages“Who am I?”The face, the negative faceProcessed face and hand bookU.S. Patriotic tattooWind power and Santa ClausLine art of a face“I fall in love with you all over again, everytime I meet you”“Datch new album in store now”Shrimp and snail flag“plugme”A princess and her flagShe's on my back“Altrak 1978”“I love you...”Marine candle“Bojana, Dejan, 25.09.2005”“Bienvenue au departement d'informatique”funky tattoo“buffalo bop”Silhouette in the sea against the sun“Happy New Year 2009”“Sweet Meat and Honey Buns”The big W“no limits networking”Han Uzunel Han“Fini les vacances, retour au boulo”“Mike Caos”Coffee wine“Boele-Kabel Basketball”“In Rainbows”“Germany's next Top Model”Germanic horse“Hi my name is DIEGO!”“eRmaX cOncert soLd Out”Sri Mookamika Appalam DepotA study in contrastsA sporting flagTeddy bear flag, with flowersMan united fan“I love you!”“I love you”Children's scribblings“LoveHunter live again”“Drittel Polzer Bergwerk Saar”“Buon Compeanno Sabrina! Mamma, Papa' e Eden”“I want YOU to vote your conscience in November”“Drink responsibly - captain's orders!”The Fleur and StripesA woman, a man, and a hat.“Oli says Goodbye Australia”“Hachiro”Strange blobby thing beside a building“Kabuto Aborigine 2 Be Showing Now!”FourElephant flag“Classic Rock 100.1”Super dogUnidentified KanjiA boy and his guitarHere's to the dudeSuper Mana boy and his flag“Look at me”“Dimi loves poppeke”“Heute Abend in diesem Theater!”Pirate flag“So einfach ist Reiki”A dog with an opinion“The next top model”“parents and newborn tattoo”“Studio block”“you can reach all your dreams, just believe... in you”“Freedom and stupidity are a dangerous mix”“donkey kong”“thugs-n-harmony”“Thursday's Thoughts”“Alexandre”“Paidirenia”“Te amo” heartHuge pink-bordered face-on-back tattooFour-leaved clover, with heart“Chaos Moggel”“Asinine poetry forever!”“fractured axel”“Marty”“the liquid engine”Glasses and a fake nose on a flagpunk monkey tattoo“The Man, The Legend”logo and pages“plus tech”“where are YOU?”“Smile fresh. Smile bright.”Studying a documentGirl with lollipop“Adam Loves Dena”“CAST.ME”“Dziawne uczucie ta milosc, poznajesz obca osobe, i zyc bez niej juz nie umiesz”A couple of cuties“I love you my angel”A couple“Igor e Iago”“I love U Cupcake, Always and forever..”“Rousselot a VION company”Military looking folk.Gonzales logoGonzales logobutterfly wings tattooBack bubbles.“RACE.ME, drive your dream”“Make love not war”“Omkar, LLC, One With Customer”A girl and a guy.A rude symbol.“Thanks for visiting. Welcome back soon.”A pair of dogs.Face on a card.“Peregrinos”Tourist pictures.“Ensiferum”“The funniest guy in America”“Monica we count on you!!!”cigarettes on a flag.“walang pakialamanan”