Examples for Year 2008, Month 10

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“I love you baby”“Ti amo”“Random Insanity Online”“Have a creepy Halloween”“Quantum of solace”“Malin y Miguel”“nous pour toujours”“Blue Bulls”“Life's unfair!”“Ms. Warriors”“Monster”“P W”Billowy back tattoo“Sherry Wine”“Chi Tôi”“Music was my first love”“We got married!”“Spacchiamo il mondo io e te”“Happy Tuesday!”Zodiac pumpkin“Welcome to Cute Prince World”Cowboy hat pumpkin“Luca e Sabry X Sempre”Fingerprint maze pumpkinButterfly back tattooSmiles from a billboardMad pumpkin“Data leakage is a global problem”“Cripple Creek Band”Alien pumpkin“Greeneye Yoga”Tiger pumpkinMusical pumpkin“Tropical Fish Forums”“We shot a big deer”Dog shoulder tattoo“Happy Diwali!”Dragon back tattoo“Happy 2 months anniversary!”“I love you Habouba”Jolly skull and crossbonesWings and bones back tattoo“Je t'aime Geraldine”“I am ugly”Ugly pumpkin“I love you!”Artistic sepia heart“Love and Peace”Obama pumpkin“Daddy... I miss you!”“Can I carve your pumpkin?”“Coopers organic winery”“Dee Jay x-2-o”“Ni”“Studying sucks!”“Stars and stripes”“Sonic the hedgehog”Blue shiney logo“Ti amo vita mia”“Love you sweetie”“Personal Loan”“You want some? Come and get some.”“Love me forever”Football pumpkinFace shoulder tattoo“OK Then”Lawyer signSun and companyPumpkin critter“Mayor of Passaic”Plugme Pumpkin“Overtime”“I Love U”Rose thorn pumpkinSsshh...Basic Jack O' LanternItalian football tattoo“JOFI”Dragonfly back tattooSkull pumpkin“Gitarizta Fender”“I lost my keys”Peacock feather back tattoo“Canadian motorcycle cruisers”Flower picture sailboatWedding couple candleSleepy wine“Octopachu”“Yanick”“Life is beautiful!”Tattoos and snowboards“Friends forever!”“Have you seen this woman?”Face on pumpkin“Bail out”Love island“Vitalija + Valdas”“Sigh...”FPF cross tattooWedding couple candleNature scene wineYellow stripe flag“I MIZ U”Flower power wine“Open your doors for me USA”“Vota Bove”“Café El Greco”Man and woman wine“Amore ti amo”“Heal the World”“Are you one of us?”“So many dreams...”bird and flower wine“can't wait for our wedding day”“Vota Bove”“Love you Troy”“A smile is...”“Peace!”Lady in a paintingHeart couple“Send Bailout Money”“Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary!”“Go Green Call Cleen”“Just Married”Man with suit“Entra nel mio cuore”Snow man bookBig A flagCheers!Man candleKids in a boxupside-down rant tattoo“I love you hon”“A Train”Glasses and companySkull and headphones“The Mezzo Quartet”Manga loveBird/scorpion tattoo“Tanti Auguri per i tuoi 31 Anni”Bluish candle picture“friends forever - take care!”“The Last Day Of Spring, Live Tonight”“Projekt 2”“Wally loves Bees”Face wine“Today s a gft dat's y it's PRESENT =)”Ring heartBlack/white flag“Grazie”Tattoo profile“AIG love”“Guess”“Game Guru Strikes Back!”“Mark”A gaggle of girlsNew style boat“Happy Birthday Patti! We love you!”“Keyser = A menace to society”“gang of 3”Dog wine“For unto us a child is born”Happy folks“Medz red wine”Smile in stereo“New York Concert Sold Out”Mushrooms and seats“Cart élec”“benefit San Francisco”“World Debut at New York!”“Bahaw d'movie, coming soon!!”Strange dogs“The Good Wine from Sveta”“voted best embroidery firm”“Pineta”Reverse cityscape on flagThree friendsCouple with glassesTwo ladies pointing and huggingA boy by water“bring her flowers just because”“RMX”Women with fruitThe boys“Happy birthday Nico”“404 - Das Ende ist nah”Cyrillic bookSmiles!“Good friends will last forever”