Examples for Year 2008, Month 11

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Three-headed elephant flag.Dark haired tattooCat cardSponge critter flagA Christmas storyChristmas winePig planet flagAlessandro and IlariaBetty Boop tattooFlu flagPhoenix flagFlower back tattooMoody heart“TFA”Glasses bookcutie heart locketWing and spine tattooDark wing tattooAmerican football flag“shoulder face tattoo”Heart balloon tattooNested heartsSurf tattooNavy flagSouthend unitedA woman and her childA man, a woman, and a pineapple.Serenade heartYoda tattoo“Happy 2nd birthday!”“The Paddock Cafe”“Southern Bred”Classic pirate flagIntricate twirl“TWINX”“Best friends? Haha, are you kidding me?”“Yellow card”Computer CountryThe crook and the detective“Gratulation”“icecream love”Circle guy says hiR plus tattooSmiling guy on a bookLady sketch tattooA man with a phoneTalk to meLong-haired look“Il Nostro Presidente”Cute black-and-white coupleLove amongst the sunglasses“Dream over... Game over”“Happy Birthday Dogukan”Dog wine“Welkom thuis”Welcome to sunglass country.“The eyes have it”“I the best”“Happy Birtday se7en”Blue dressBehold my teethGirl on a boatBehold the bridgeMoney flagSmiling woman heart locketHeart back tattooArrow through heart tattoo“I think I love you”skull and cross-bonesFather and childrenDragon tattooAbstract wing/tail tattooRibboned bird tattooBird tattoo“Vote for Baby”“I love you!”Dragon shoulder tattoo“Taking over the world”Bird-like back tattooBird and flowers back tattoo“Dream as if you'll live forever”“Face of Orkut community”Movie star back tattoo“Oilers”“Museo d'Arte Preispanica”One big baby poster