The Billboard Generator Generator

Want to make a picture generator like one of these?

No problem - just upload a picture of a billboard (or a laptop screen, or anything basically flat), select its outline and we'll do the rest! (read tutorial)

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Read a tutorial on making a simple billboard generator.


  • Upload a picture with a billboard (or any flat surface) in it.
  • Move the green squares to the corners of the flat surface.
  • Click “front view” and check the result looks like the surface would from directly in front. Adjust the corners as needed. If the result is squashed, your photo may have been cropped. In this case, you have to help a little bit. Press the "camera center" button and move the red square to where you think the center of the original picture was (should be in the part of the picture shaded red. Just move the square around until pressing "front view" gives a nice result.
  • If the flat surface has parts you want to leave out from the selection, you can do that by "masking" them. Press "show mask" and draw with the mouse in the parts you want to keep (if you make a mistake, hold the shift key to erase). Alternatively, you can upload a foreground mask image which is black in the area you want to keep and white in the parts you want to be replaced with user photos/text.
  • If the surface has junk on it that needs to be blanked out (for example, an actual advertisement on a billboard) leave the "Blank out screen area for me" option selected. If the surface is clear, then it is better to unselect this option so that the color and shading you have won't be overridden.
  • Press "Make your generator"!

Possible Problems

  • Surface in the generator may not correspond to a true 3D rectangle. This happens only when the selected surface and center point do not have a physical interpretation. Make sure, if you press "camera center", that the red square lies within the red shaded zone of the picture. If any pairs of the billboard edges are close to parallel, you might want to try moving them slightly.

If you have any problems, please let us know.

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