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Disclaimer: this is a parody of a certain class of "free" homepage providers. The name Ad Lib was not chosen to parody any specific company.

500 GB free!

Yes, you heard right!

Here at Ad Lib we are offering you 500 GBs for your own personal homepage- absolutely free! And for a nominal extra donation, we'll even let you use some of the other letters in the alphabet besides G and B!! And if that's not enough for you, then for just a teensy smidgeon extra, we'll remove the 500 letter limit on your choice of any 10 alphanumeric characters!!!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now! But maybe you're not convinced yet. Hard to please aren't you? You'll soon change your mind when you hear what other great offers we have!

Free email
Yes, we give you 100% free, no strings attached email! Just send us your address and we will send you in return as much free email as you could ever wish for - and more! So sign up now and your mailbox will never be lonely again!

Free advertising
Having trouble drawing attention to your site? We'll show you how it's done! As you rummage through our pages, we will show you enormous quantities of free advertising! We promise that we will never start charging for this great service! Sign up now!

Free CGI
For the more experienced web designer, CGI eventually becomes essential. We at Ad Lib understand this. For security reasons, we cannot allow just anybody to use CGI on their pages. But if you request it, we will check over you site, and if it meets our standards we will then allow you to use, along with the letter G, also the letters C and I - with no extra charge! So, get on with it! Sign up now!

This site is a parody. No services are actually offered. Well technically you can indeed create pages of up to 500 Gs and Bs, as promised, if you consider that a service.

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