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Did you know you can use MakeSweet not just to create pictures and animations, but to create your own picture or animation generator, and amaze your friends?

What's a generator?

Generators are online tools that let people create fancy graphics from their own text or photos. For example, on MakeSweet we have a “flying flag” generator that puts a photo on an animated flag blowing in the breeze:

See the Generator Blog for examples of generators drawn from all over the web (not based on Blender).

Normally, to make an online generator, you'd need a very wide skill-set or a team of people. With MakeSweet, one person can do great things.

The technology behind MakeSweet is based on Blender, a popular free 3D design program. For example, our flying flag generator is, at heart, just an ordinary Blender file, makesweet-flag.blend with some special web magic to make things work fast online. If you know Blender, you can exploit MakeSweet to the maximum. But don't worry if you don't know Blender, we can still help you make certain kinds of popular generator.

Why make a generator?

  • Show off your skills to your friends in a way they can appreciate, by letting them make cool customized pictures, animations, and webcam effects online.
  • Boost traffic to your website or blog.
  • If you are a Blender fan, you can make use of your skills in a whole new way, and feel good for showing a new segment of the general public the magic that is Blender.
  • Who owns my design?

    You retain ownership of your work. We ask that you put your design under a creative commons attribution license or a compatible license.

    How do I start?

    If you don't know how to use Blender, check out our list of GOGs (generators of generators) that you can use. Currently, we have a GOG for billboards that works for all sorts of rectangular signs in 3D.

    If you do know how to use Blender, or are willing to learn, make a fun .blend that has at least one material with an image texture that would be fun for others to control (for example, for the flying flag generator, the material on the surface of the flag has an image texture). Then, use our Generator Wizard to check and upload your design:

    Blend file to check (help)

    I have a question...

    Visit the MakeSweet Support Center and open a ticket. Or just send email to

    How do I follow this topic?

    If you wish to follow news on this topic, here's the feed.

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